Terms and Conditions

Services on this web site can only be used if the Terms and Conditions are agreed by the customer.

Online ordering
We reserve the right to accept or refuse any customer order at our discretion.
It is the customer’s responsibility to select and purchase the correct photos on the web site, Paul Upward Photogoraphy will not be responsible for refunding prints ordered for any reason, by mistake.

Copyright of photos belongs to the Photographer and images on the web site may not be downloaded or reproduced without payment. It is also an offence to copy or reproduce prints without the written consent of the Photographer.

Please note prints are sent out within mounts unless specified otherwise.

All prints sent out by Paul Upward Photography will be delivered to the customer within 28 days.

Photos are shown in low resolution for the web and will be colour corrected as part of the printing process. If you should have any reasonable query with the final print quality, Paul Upward Photography will either provide an replacement print or offer a refund. This will be at our discretion according to the situation.
All photos will be available for 12 months to view on the web site unless the photographer has specified otherwise.

An order is not confirmed until the customer has entered and confirmed their payment card details through our secure payment area.
In the event that a customer supplies a non-existent credit card number or the number of a credit card that belongs to someone else, we reserve the right to terminate the appropriate customer order without notice and contact the authorities as necessary.
Once the order is completed payment will be deducted automatically from the customers credit or debit card

Contact Information
Any contact information you supply to us will be strictly confidential, it will not be passed on to any 3rd party without prior written agreement.
It is the customers responsibility to inform Paul Upward Photography if any contact information changes which may effect the delivery or payment of their order.

Refund policy
In the unlikely event that we are not able to fulfill your order then you will receive a full refund to you credit card or debit card. We reserve the right to request return of prints or terms before a refund will be issued. Please note the refund policy only applies to print orders. Other items ordered may have a different refund policy. Please contact Paul for refund terms.